SCOPE targets Rs 500 Cr turnover in next 5 years

"We are a company which produces test and measuring products, which are very difficult to manufacture or design but easy to use," shares Sanjay Kulkarni, Chairman, SCOPE T&M.

Brief us about the recent performance of test and measurement industry in India.
If you look at the industry performance in India in the domain of T&M (test and measurement), IoT-based solutions there is a slow growth. When we look at the slow growth and the economic scenario of the country, in reality I feel it is only a perception. People playing at the backfoot of investments are spending. We, the people from India, have always believed in consuming resources. When we talk about the expenses, we are more careful about it. I personally feel that this particular situation which has come today in India is mainly because of the hype. All over the world, the industry is moving slowly. But if we look at it in the real figures as compared to the western countries, we aren’t doing that bad. We are growing at 5 to 6 per cent. So, there is nothing to be worried about.

When you talk about the industry slow growth, how is the performance of SCOPE T&M?
We anticipated this kind of phenomenal which was to happen last 2-3 years back. We get a sense from what is being happening globally. Accordingly, we consciously tried to expand our portfolio. We are a company which produces test and measuring products, which are very difficult to manufacture or design but easy to use. That is the reason we say SCOPE offers ‘simple solutions for difficult measurements’. As we thought that this trend is about to come, we expanded our solutions horizontally during the last five years. We have expanded our portfolio in automation segment too.

How do you compete with the international brands which exist in this particular domain?
As T&M market is expected to go down drastically, there are many new players venturing in to automation segment. Automation is becoming highly competitive market. And the country like India where we have democratic principles, we deeply follow them. The international competition is also facing problems in India. With respect to their own country, if you look at India, there is a better market here. However, it is not a threat to us.

Since you have diversified into sub-segments, what kind of growth do you foresee for Scope T&M in the next 5 years?
The way we have been targeting into new areas, the growth is definitely going to be much more. And for SCOPE as a company, we are targeting Rs 500 crore turnover in next five years. This all is going to come with the expansion and diversifying.

What are the solutions you showcased at ELECRAMA?
We have displayed our SCADA Action.NET software, relays, protection testing equipment etc. We have also showcased our primary injection test set (PRIMA) and hi-potential test equipment (hi-pot).

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