“We have a time-bound programme to provide high quality service to our customers…”

KUSAM-MECO Introduced and pioneered the use of Digital Multimeters & Clamp Meters in Indian industry. The company continues to introduce new products with unique features and protection to meet the current market demand. In an exclusive e-interview with P. K. Chatterjee (PK) from Electrical India, Chandmal Goliya, Director, Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd., highlights his company’s capability and future plans. Excerpts…

How is the market for digital power test & measurement meters increasing in India?

The Digital Test & Measuring Instruments is seeing a large growth in demand, due to various incentives given by the Government of India – and the announcement of   various industry -friendly schemes. There is a boost in setting up new industries in India.

This has led to the increase in demand for Test & Measuring Instruments, which is growing by 25-30% year on year. In some types of instruments the growth is even more.

What is the USP of the Kusam-Meco products?

‘KUSAM-MECO’ has always focused on providing the best quality Instruments to the customers. Only KUSAM-MECO has the largest range of ‘UL’ High Safety Clampmeters & Multimeters. These instruments have surge protection up to 12 kV, not available in other makes. The housing of the instruments is made from fire retardant poly carbonate not available in other makes. Besides, each instruments undergoes rigorous Quality Control as per ‘UL’ standards, which makes these instruments stand a clear apart from other makes. This is one of the USPs of our products. Customers who need high quality instruments are our patrons. They get value for money.

What kind of after-sales repairing or replacement service do you provide?

KUSAM-MECO an ISO 9001-2015 certification for providing ‘After–Sales-Service’, which most other companies do not have. We have a time-bound programme to provide high quality service to our customers. We have serviced our instruments even after 25 years after purchase & use by our customers. We have qualified & experienced engineers to service all the instruments sold by us. We get repeat customers due to the service provided by us at reasonable cost. Each instrument is thoroughly checked to meet the declared specifications so that customers get quality products.

Do you have your own manufacturing facility in India?

We have manufacturing associates in Taiwan and China who manufacture products for our company.

What kind of attention do you pay to develop new devices for the emerging needs of the customers?

Based on the feedback we receive from our customers or end users, and new application areas we design new products with co-operation of our associates and after they pass all tests, the products are released in the market.

Do you also export your products?

We export our products to Middle East-Countries in small quantities.

What are your offers for the lighting industry that is growing fast in India?

The lighting industry is growing at a very fast pace. Old lights are being replaced by LED lights due to various advantages over GLS / CFL lights such as low power consumption for same lux illumination. ‘KUSAM-MECO’ provides various models of Lux meters for measurement of Lux up to 200,000 Lux with data logging facility. Also available are LED Meters to check the light emitted by LED lights. To check the quality of LEDs, we offer D.C. Multi-function power meter for measurement of A,V, kW, kWh.

Are you planning to launch any new products in 2023?

In the year 2023 we will launch many new products such as Loop Impedance meters, Power & Harmonics Clamp meters, AC/DC Power Clamp meters, Digital Multimeters, Microohm meters, Battery Testers, LCR Meter Partial Discharge Tester, Gas Detectors etc.

Would you like to add any other information?

Today KUSAM-MECO enjoys a reputation as one of the top companies in the Digital Test & Measuring instruments in India.

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