“We have developed unique long lasting design and technology in Switchgears”

‘Elektrolites’ embarked on its journey in 1966 with trading in power station equipment. Elektrolites have in-house R&D facilities approved by DSIR, Govt of India for MV and HV Switchgears products says Anil Saboo, Managing Director, Elektrolites (Power) Pvt Ltd in an e-mail interaction with Electrical India...

Please give us a brief account of products offered by Elektrolites in India?

We design, type test, manufacture and export various Switchgears i.e. Isolators (11kv-420kV), Lightning Arrester (9kV-198kV), Drop out Fuse (11kV-33kV) and smart grid equipments viz. Load Break Switch (11kV-33kV), VCB Sectionalizer (11kV) and Fault Passage Indicator (11kV-66kV) and Sensors.

What makes Elektrolites products different from those of its competitors?

“Where innovation is life and to remain in business keep on innovating solutions for customer” has been the mantra of success which became part of DNA of every employee at Elektrolites, this gave traction for profitable growth for the company enabling global vision for the future.

We have developed unique eco-friendly technology in Switchgears & SCADA based products which suits Indian conditions for distribution like cost effective Air Break technology instead of SF6 & oil based Sectionalizer which were being imported.

In 2012, the company started focus on development of smart grid products like LBS, FPI, Sectionalizer etc. & developed eco friendly Air Break LBS instead of imported SF-6 type products. The company successfully introduced and exported smart grid products to various private customers & utilities.

Can you tell us about the testing facility available in-house?

The company got recognition from DSIR, Govt of India in November 2012 for switchgear based on past innovations done & latest R&D lab development. The R&D lab has unique equipments up to 1200kV for testing of LA & switchgear which helps to judge the equipment as per field conditions.

Elektrolites design unique Disconnectors & Surge Arresters from 11kV to 400kV & have inhouse R&D facilities approved by DSIR, Govt of India for these products. We have also developed various SCADA operatable smart grid products i.e. 11kV LBS, Pole mounted VCB, FPI etc. at our world class newly built factory alongwith R&D facility to develop Switchgears as per the requirement of overseas client.

Can you tell us about your ‘In-House R&D Centre’ and its contribution to your business?

R&D team studied application of LA and found that these products were not connected in circuit due to frequent failures. The root cause of failure was specification of LA’s for 9kV, 5kA which does not have capability to withstand Switching Impulse. The R & D team designed and developed new 12kV, 10kA LA and educated customers to use them to optimize use/purpose.

As per company’s policy for innovation, the company incorporated Surge Arrester and DO Fuse along with the Switch Isolator as single product (SFU) which saved the one third cost with better performance in field.

The newly developed eco-friendly 11kV / 33kV Load Break Switches are unique in achieving smart grid requirements.

Can you share the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities carried out by the company?

Company is also engaged in CSR activity with NGO – JAGRITI, Jaipur for providing free quality education to 2,500 slum children in 12 schools in Jaipur since 2010.

Our initiative has been well recognized by Govt of Rajasthan and our target till 2018 is 5,000 children with 20 schools.

Please visit the website www.jagritijaipur.org

What kind of services do you offer to customers?

After supply of equipment we provide after sales service to all customers. We have a trained team to look after the installation or guidance required by customers.

Who are your major customers in India as well as abroad?

All power utilities both Govt or private sectors are our customers. We are approved by PGCIL, NTPC, Railway etc and also foreign utilities like NIPP Nigeria, PHCN Nigeria, and KPLC Kenya etc.

Many African countries are approaching us for design and development of new smart equipment for their distribution network.

What are your new plans in 2017?

We keep on developing new products and services for smart grid or SCADA based distribution systems. In 2017 we shall increase our supply for these new products.

We have also plans for introducing more efficient and trouble free design of ISOLATORS from 11kV to 400kV.