Apar looks to cash in on renewable boom

"We are focusing on tomorrow’s progress today because we see a lot of modernisation required in the utility sector," says Manish Patel, GM - Business Development, Apar Industries Ltd. (UNIFLEX Cables)

Could you give us a brief overview of your business?
Apar Industries Limited, founded by late Shri Dharamsing D. Desai in the year 1958, is one among the best established companies in India having group turnover of US $1 billion. Apar has three divisions – conductors, oil, and cables. In conductors, we are world no 4 and in the oil division, we are world number 3 whereas in the cable, we are the largest supplier for solar cables in India. As an Apar philosophy, we are coming up continuously with new technologies which are going to benefit the power utilities. As far as business is concerned, we are doing well because Apar has diversified products in different divisions and in Cable Division we have specialised cables to cater a number of different sectors like mining, wielding, defence, solar, wind, locomotive, house wire, telecom, and distribution utilities.

Which is that particular division giving you growth?
The renewables. We are also focusing now on the new technologies which will benefit our utility distribution sector.

What’s your focus in the renewable space?
In renewables, we are into the wind and solar cables, and we are constantly bringing new technologies in cable to enhance the life of cable and to meet the practical challenges at the field. These new upgradations we are proposing to authorities. In the utility market, we are coming up with covered conductors ranging from 11 to 33 kV. We have also extended this range up to the 66 kV, 110 kV and 132 kV.

Apart from diversifying your portfolio, what is the roadmap chalked out for growth?
We are focusing on tomorrow’s progress today because we see a lot of modernisation required in the utility sector. Today, utilities are using age-old equipment which need to be refurbished or replaced. We are coming up with new technologies like covered conductors which will address the pain issue and benefit the utility segment.

What are the products you have introduced at ELECRAMA?
Covered conductor is our new product. In the distribution sector, there’s a huge requirement to modernise the system. There are lakhs of kilometre of lines that are there in 11 kV and 33 kV distribution. Consumers are frequently experiencing the power cuts due to transient interruptions which is 95 per cent of faults occurred on the distribution lines, covered conductors are the permanent solution for these transient faults, human and animal safety. With new products like our covered conductors, modernisation can be carried out within the system as well as the 24/7 reliability of the network can be achieved for not only 5 to 10 years but for 40 to 60 years can be achieved. At ELECRAMA 2020, we displayed the full range of conductors, oils and cables.

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