The company is committed to play a key role along with other stakeholders in achieving the national goal of transition to green mobility…

    Tata Power has set up a network of more than 1000 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across the country. This network of public EV charging stations provides innovative and seamless EV charging experiences for Tata Power’s customers across Offices, Malls, Hotels, Retail Outlets, and places of public access, enabling clean mobility and freedom from range-anxiety.

    In addition, there are close to 10,000 home EV charging points, which make EV charging super-convenient for the vehicle owners. Tata Power EZ Chargers ecosystem covers the entire value chain of Public chargers, Captive chargers, Bus/ Fleet chargers and Home chargers.

    Starting with the first chargers being installed in Mumbai, Tata Power EV charging points are now present in nearly 180 cities and in multiple State and National highways under various business models and market segments. The company is now planning to have a base of 10,000 Charging Stations the entire stretches of highways across the country.

    Detailing on their plan, Dr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power, said, “We have started the first of our many milestones towards enabling the EV revolution in the country through successful deployment of over 1000 EV charging points in public domain. This makes Tata Power the country’s largest EV charging solutions provider. Our innovative and collaborative approach has made a significant impact in developing this ecosystem and encouraging EV adoption in the country.”

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